VBCMS is a completely vBulletin Integrated Framework and Portal System. Being designed modular, webmasters are able to customize vBCMS in a very easy way. The current Version of vBCMS contains a Portal, a Content management System, a links directory and many Modules (more information below). Offering its own framework it’s also very easy to expand vBCMS with complex Scripts. These features make vBCMS to the ideal solution for ambitious webmasters!

Main Features
* vBCMS offers a System to manage “global Modules”, small boxes displaying important information like last threads, forum news, stats, today’s birthdays, etc.
o The Administrator can import/export Modules as XML-Files
+ Many vBCMS-Users share their modules at the vBDesigns Forum
o Modules can be placed in right/middle/left column
o Modules can be enabled in the forum and on various vBCMS Pages
o vBCMS contains 14 default modules (explained below)
o Many Settings for each Module
* vBCMS contains a framework to integrate complex scripts (Areas).
o Areas can be imported/exported via the ACP
o vBCMS contains three default Areas (explained below):
+ Homepage (Simple Portal Page)
+ Content Management System
+ Links directory
o Many Settings for each Area
o Areas can be disabled via the ACP
* Tabbed Forum-Navigation
o Displayed on top of the Default-Navigation bar
o Displays:
+ Areas
+ Forum-Link
+ Custom Links
o Can be disabled via the ACP
o Customizable via a CSS-File

Default Modules
* Navigation Module
o Displayed Links depend of the user’s permissions
o Up to 4 levels depth
* News Module
o Avatar is displayed
o You can set a maximum amount of characters to be displayed
o Postcache is used to improve the performance
o Contents depend on the user’s permissions
o Amount of maximum displayed News can be set via ACP
o News can be displayed in two columns
o You can choose which threads should be displayed as news
* Login Module
o Avatar of the user logged in is displayed
o Amount of private messages is displayed
o If the user is logged in a logout link is displayed
* Who’s online
o Displayed Information: Users, Guests, Total, Staff-Members
o Staff and “Normal” users can be split
* Poll Module
o Current poll is displayed (depending on the user’s permissions)
* Last Threads
o Contents depending on the user’s permissions
o Preview of a thread in a dhtml-popup possible
o postcache is used to improve performance
o You can exclude forums from display
* Statistics Module
o You can choose the amount of new users to be displayed
* Birthday Module
* Forumlist Module
o You can chose the maximum depth of forums to be shown
o Displayed Forums dependent of the user’s permissions
* Calendar Module
o Mini-Calendar of the actual month
* Welcome Module
* Search Module
o You can search in vBCMS Pages
* Last Links
o Contents depending of the user’s permissions
o You can exclude Link-Categories
o You can set the maximum amount of links to be displayed
* CMS-Module
o Various Designs
o Preview of the Content Text
o You can choose the pages which should be displayed

System Requirements
* PHP 4.3.3
* MySQL 4.0.16
* vBulletin (minimum required Version is 3.6.)

Size : 1 MB

Download Link :

Password : ludefa_blog

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