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DownloadStudio is the award-winning, high performance download manager that lets you get everything on the web! It lets you download programs, games, music, movies, photos, streaming audio & video, flash, documents, RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, complete web sites, complete FTP sites and much more! Speed up your downloads by up to 500%. Resume broken downloads. Schedule downloads for later or at regular intervals. Download flash video from Youtube, Google Video and more. Download files from RapidShare, Megupload and more. Download and capture streaming audio & video. Find hard-to-get URLs by sniffing your internet connection. Find links on web sites with a site explorer. Download and read RSS feeds and podcasts. Quickly view and organize all your downloaded files. DownloadStudio integrates with the latest versions of all popular web browsers - including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flock, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla and Netscape.

Downloads go directly to DownloadStudio for ultra-fast downloading. Right-click menus give you quick access to DownloadStudio features. Fully customizable so you can browse and download the way you want to.
DownloadStudio downloads files from almost any site on the web - including RapidShare, Megaupload, YouSendIt, FileFront, Youtube, Google Video, Myspace, Crackle, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Yahoo, MSN, Flickr, Download.com and millions more. You can trust DownloadStudio to get the files you want.

DownloadStudio includes over 12 specialized downloading tools that will let you get any file from the internet that you want. All tools are easy-to-use, integrated into DownloadStudio and have comprehensive online help and tutorials.

Key features of "DownloadStudio":
• Single file downloader
• Batch file downloader
• File range downloader
• Web site downloader
• Streaming media downloader
• Flash video downloader
• RSS feed, blog and podcast downloader
• Audio and video recorder
• URL sniffer
• Web site explorer
• RSS feed, blog and podcast downloader
• RSS feed reader
• File browser, viewer and organizer
• Easy-to-use Quick Start

DownloadStudio runs on Windows Vista (64-bit and 32-bit), Windows XP (64-bit and 32-bit) and Windows 2000.

What's New in DownloadStudio 5.1:
New version includes support for new web browsers - Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 - faster downloading and more.

Highlights of new features for DownloadStudio 5.1 include:
* Google Chrome supported - download files fast using DownloadStudio in the new Google Chrome web browser.
* Internet Explorer 8 (Beta) supported - download files fast using DownloadStudio in the new Internet Explorer 8 (Beta) web browser.
* Notify Popup window - convenient popup window is displayed whenever a download completes.
* Bandwidth Odometer - tells you instantly how fast DownloadStudio is downloading.
* Full cookie support for Flock web browser.
* One-click error reporting when download jobs fail.
* Play a sound whenever a download completes or fails.
* Streaming media downloading supports more formats and live broadcasts.
* Faster downloading with more splits and more connections.
* Improved Youtube flash video downloading.
* Faster click monitoring with web browsers.
* DownloadStudio URL Sniffer now finds more URLs.
* RSS Feed Reader nows supports more RSS formats.

What's New in DownloadStudio
- Improved! Better detection and downloading of videos from YouTube.
- Improved! Faster display of Add Job dialog when clicking on links in web browsers.
- Improved! Support for more types of RSS feeds including more languages.
- Fixed! Several issues when downloading streaming media fixed.
- Fixed! Site rules now working for slient downloading.
- Fixed! Volume button now working in Audio/Video Capture under Windows XP 64-bit.
- Fixed! Several issues related to Windows XP 64-bit and Windows 2003 fixed.

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