WinNc v4.701f

WinNc - this is a file manager for Windows Vista and XP/2003/2000/ME/98/95, which replaces the existing Windows Explorer Windows. This program developed by a small Dutch multimedia company called Dunes MultiMedia. Manager uses the same keyboard shortcuts and the same functions as a mouse and a well-known Norton Commander. The program gives you direct access drag and drop to the servers, supports the work of the network and to other network computers with two-panel interface, each of which operates independently. In addition to the standard functions for manipulating files, such as: formatting, copying, moving, deleting and editing files, WinNc allows you to view the innards of compressed files, just as if they were directories (it allows you to split, encrypt and send files via FTP) . WinNc can view JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, WMF, PCX, WAV, FLC, DOCS, XLS, HTML, MID and AVI files. This program supports the extraction of WAV to MP3 files, converting audio CDs to MP3 and converting WAV to MP3. New Feature WinNc-the ability to record files on CDs.

»Standard and enhanced file management
»Showing the speed to copy and move files
»Built in viewer for 21 types of graphic files
»Technology 2 independent windows to view a list of files
»Support for 12 standard file compression
»Ability to record files on CDs
»Built in FTP-client
»Ripping audio CDs
»Create tab favorite directory
»Playing movies and MP3
»Creating a self-unpack archives
»Display system information
»View slideshow and thumbnail images
»File comparison function
»Fast compression and send files to e-mail directly from program
»The function of synchronizing files and folders
»Multilingual interface with support for Russian language

What's new?
Due to an update on our server at "true" we received a new ip address. The updater uses the old address to find new updates. We advice all WinNc users to download v4.7 from our servers and install this latest version. After the installation the updater will function again.
- Fixed server link in updater
- Fixes drives larger than 3 TB
- Copy files larger than 4 GB fix
- Spanish dll added
- Added command line for support
- Out of resource error fixed
- New drive size color scheme
- Minor fixes

Homepage: http://anonym.to/?http://www.winnc.com/winnc

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