Advanced Defrag 2009 v3.0.01

As your hard disk may be badly fragmented in the course of time, defragmentation is really important for your system's optimization. It is vital to have a defragment program to keep your computer disks defragmented and optimized as much as possible. What is Disk fragment? Same as file fragment, Disk fragments are created by the allocation of the file in the magnetic disk. Any storage action on the magnetic disk liks creating, deleting, moving, updating and copying files will also lead to fragmentation and consequent performance loss, and this fragments can hardly be erased even you reinstall the operation system.

How can these fragments affect my computer? It is a fact that as the time go by, the accumulation of fragments in the hard drive becomes bigger and bigger, fragmented drives greatly affects the system performance in a negative way. As the hard drive reads and merges these separate fragments every time you open a file, it will eventually cause problems such as system slowdowns, PC crashes, slow startup and shutdown, it will even shorten the disk life span.

What is Advanced Defrag? Advanced Defrag is an award-wining defrag program which is designed to help you handle the above mentioned problems and keep your computer running like new. program applies advanced defragment arithmetic which enables you to completely and fast analyze & defrag all the fragment found in your computer hard drive, effectively maximum the system performance and improve your working efficiency with the computer. Benefits from Advanced Defrag: Enhance the efficiency of windows operation system, accelerate the launch time of programs, improve the file access speed, keep up the optimal speed across the network as well as extend the hardware life thus avoid unnecessary costly updates or reinstallations, Advanced Defrag is definitely a good choice for saving your bill.

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