Archivarius 3000 4.22

A full-text searcher for documents and e-mail in ten languages. Archivarius 3000 will allow you to search for documents, search in archives and search by keyword.Archivarius 3000 is the system which understands natural language queries (English, German, Spanish, French for example). Documents can be searched by keyword or using query language, the same like in Internet search engines. While searching, the program automatically generates all forms of words, which provide full-text documents search in 18 languages.

While indexing documents and e-mail, Archivarius 3000 will extract and save full information about them. During search, even if document is not physically accessible, Archivarius 3000 will find it by keywords and determine on which disk the required file is located.

Archivarius 3000 is built to handle rapidly growing document and e-mail flow with no hassle. You can index thousands of documents and messages daily and still you won't see any significant slowdown while searching and accessing them; there is no need for constant reducing number of documents and messages in your folders in order to make it running faster.

Rata PenuhHere are some key features of "Archivarius 3000":
• Instant full-text search of documents and e-mails.
• Word form search on 18 languages.
• Support for LAN (local network) and removable drives (CD, DVD and others).
• Support for popular formats, document search from MS Office and PDF to TXT.
• Searching documents in archives ZIP, ACE, RAR and others.
• Searching in Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Exchange, Netscape, Thunderbird, PocoMail and The Bat! e-mail messages and their attachments.
• Searching in Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino databases.
• Remote searching and documents accessing via Internet.
• Full Unicode support.
• Indexing and adminstration takes place in the main (not web-based) environment (a lot more flexible and usable than web-environments of other search tools).
• Very usable to add search functionality on an intranet to search content a company network.
• Easy administration and application of user rights.
• Preview of files in your browser.
• Usage of SSL is possible.
• Very fast index engine.

What's New in This Release:
• SAPCAR, SW archives are now supported (.sar, .sw).
• Minor changes.

Home page - http://www.likasoft.com/document-search

OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista.

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