Kids PC Time Administrator v4.9.2.2

Kids can spend endless hours playing. Unfortunately, playing computer games is neither healthy nor educating. Limiting time spent by your kids in front of the computer screen is a vital necessity if you care about your kids' physical and mental health. Control exactly how long and at what time your kids can access the PC. Kids PC Time Administrator is not only easier than its competitors, but comes with several access schedules that were proven to work superbly under various circumstances. Each schedule controls the number of hours and minutes your kids can use the computer on a daily and weekly basis. Don't want to push too much control on them? It's easy to set Kids PC Time Administrator to shut down the computer when it's time to turn the lights out.

Kids PC Time Administrator is not just easy to use, it's also a powerful and highly customizable parental control tool. Besides the convenient pre-defined access schedules, this tool allows configuring just about any aspect of its behavior. Set your own schedules depending on certain days of the week, working days or weekends, set allowed time intervals and specify daily and combined time limits. Ever thought of limiting your kids to just 30 minutes of using your computer per day, weekdays only, from 4 to 6pm? That's easy. Want to allow an extra couple of hours on a weekend before 9pm? That's not difficult either. In addition, you can set an aggregate limit, allowing your kids, for example, to access the PC for no longer than 3 hours a week in total.

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