Vistanita Duplicate Finder 3.8.0

Vistanita Duplicate Finder enables you to find duplicate files on your computer, even if the file names are different. The program uses byte-by-byte comparison to locate identical files within the specified folders on your hard drive. You can further narrow the results by requiring the name and/or file size to be identical as well. The results are presented in a grouped and color coded list from where you can preview and then copy, move or delete some or all of the found duplicates. Vistanita Duplicate Finder also supports search for duplicate MP3 files by tag and finding of duplicate images based on visual similarities.

* Two powerful search engines (byte by byte and CRC32).
* Find files with same contents, same name and zero size.
* Find duplicate pictures, video, songs(mp3, wma, ogg).
* Fastest among duplicate files finders.
* Very user friendly, Specially design for novice users.
* Works with removable media devices like Floppy, USB, etc.
* Search local PC and over network.
* Find duplicate files based on criteria : filename, byte to byte, CRC, etc.
* Fuzzy Match for files with little differences
* Can find duplicate from a selected set of folders (i.e., not from whole drive).
* Allows important folders you wish to be excluded from scanning altogether.
* Can use wild cards and protects the windows and system folders.
* Skips the hidden files and folder.
* Show files version and properties.
* Resizable popup picture viewer.
* Save job session and results for later review.
* Results can be exported in HTML and CSV formats.

Homepage - http://www.vistanita.com

OS: Windows 2000,2003,XP and Vista

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