GigAlarm 1.34 Beta 2 PRECRACKED + Silent Install

GigAlarm 1.34 Beta 2 PRECRACKED + Silent Install

GigAlarm is an application program, capable of over 4 million different alarms. Once set, an alarm can be set to auto-repeat on set days or by a time offset.The alarm can be either a wave file playing (random or selected), a program/file running (also random or selected), changing the background wallpaper, a window or various Windows shut down options.

It has various other options including search, snooze control, variable alarm cut off, repeating sounds, boot up alarms, countdown, variable pause, variable alarm warning, missed alarm notification, and more.How long can you evaluate GigAlarm for? As long as you see fit! There is no time limits imposed, no nag screens, nor is the program feature limited in any way.Furthermore, support is given equally to all users. Just remember that like all Shareware programmers, this is my job; support Shareware authors and we will be around to support you!

Here are some key features of "GigAlarm":
  • Millions of alarms can be set.
  • Alarms that happen while GigAlarm is not running (or if the computer is off or suspended) will be shown at a later time. (This feature can be disabled.)
  • Alarms can be set to second resolution and can be;
  • A specific time that happens once only.
  • A specific time and then repeat after a certain number of second, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.
  • A random time offset based on the last time the alarm executed.
  • A specific time offset based on when GigAlarm starts. (If GigAlarm is set to auto-start this can be used to set a program to start a few minutes after the computer boots to reduce system load on start-up.)
  • A specific time and then set to auto-delete.
  • Repeating alarms can also be set to miss certain days.
  • Alarms can be one of many different actions. Aside from the option of showing some text to tell the user what the alarm is for the alarm itself can;
  • Play a wave file, a MP3, or any other common Windows sound file. This file can be set specifically, or can be picked randomly from a selected folder. Multiple files can be specified and sounds can also be set to repeat.
  • Run any file of any type via its default handler, with or without a warning. Multiple files can be specified.
  • Sync the computers time via the internet.
  • Randomly change the computers desktop wallpaper from a selected folder using BMP, GIF or JPEG images.
  • Perform a power status change event, such as a shutdown, restart, log- off, suspend, or hibernation.
  • Resume the computer from a suspended or hibernated power condition.
  • Remotly restart another computer.
  • Multiple alarms can be set for the exact same time.
  • Alarms can be set to time-out and close after a set amount of time.
  • Alarms can be set to wake the computer prior to the alarm action.
  • Individual alarms can be set to not be executed later if they are missed while the computer is off, or you can set all alarms to act this way.
  • When using GigAlarm as a wake-up alarm you can use a mode that asks relatively simple maths questions to ensure that you are at least partially awake.
  • There is a log option so you can have a record of what GigAlarm does.
  • Capable of running in window or tray mode.
  • In tray mode you can check what the next alarm is and when it will happen via the tray icon. It shows information on two alarms and can display either the time the alarm will happen or how far away the alarm is.
  • In the windowed mode the view can be an alarm list showing alarms in time order or in a sort-able list, a large view of the next alarm, a clock, and also a split list with a time display and a calendar.
  • The the split list/calendar view can also show the windows up time, three world times, the next scheduled system wake time and your daily bio-rhythms!
  • The main window is resizable and can be set to be on-top or transparent.
  • Alarms can be paused, the time selectable from 5 minutes to a four days.
  • An "exclusion zone" can be set so no alarms will happen between two selected times.
  • Alarms can be set to "snooze", the time selectable from 5 minutes to a week.
  • Alarms can be set for a time relative to the current time, such as 30 minutes away. This time is selectable from 5 minutes to a week.
  • Any alarm can be instantly disabled and re-enabled.
  • If you use an option all the time you can change the default settings for new alarms.
  • Alarm files are automatically backed up and will attempt to recover data in the case of bad shutdowns.
  • Time sync alarms select from a configurable list of five servers and can use either the RFC-868 or the RFC-2030 protocol.
  • A minimum and maximum accepted time can be set to reduce the chance of the time being set incorrectly by a bad time server.
  • GigAlarm can log successful and/or un-successful sync attempts.

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