GEAR Pro 8.01.7 Mastering Edition

GEAR Pro 8.01.7 Mastering Edition

Mastering Edition is the professional's choice for mastering CD and DVD titles for mass replication. Building on more than 15 years of CD and DVD recording software expertise, adds support for CSS encryption, true multitasking, dual layer DVD burning, and much more!

Reliable Professional Features
  • Write DDP images to hard disk, DLT, Exabyte, 4 mm. (DAT), or through FTP directly to a disc replicator.
  • Write DVD masters flagged for CSS encryption.
  • Convert CDs or DVDs to DDP image quickly and easily.
  • Control CD or DVD Jukeboxes.
  • Restore files to hard disk from DLT, Exabyte, or other tape drives.
  • Verify every recorded disc 100%.
  • Support for Joliet and Rockridge ISO extensions.
  • Import and burn DVD-Audio disc images.
  • Appending data to multisession CD's, with advanced append options.
  • Track-at-once and disc-at-once recording methods. Session at once, manual fixation, Burnproof, Justlink, and overburning are also supported.
  • Incremental Packet Writing allows quick, flexible data storage. Support for fixed and variable packet writing.
  • Format, full erase, and quick erase CD-RW, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW media.
  • Save, import and burn physical image files, such as ISO files.
  • GEAR PRO's powerful scripting feature allows you to create GEAR batch files, which can automate repetitive tasks, or allow GEAR to be called from external programs, such as custom scripts or schedulers. GEAR PRO also allows you to run any GEAR command manually from a Command Line Interface. These powerful commands allow for extended functionality beyond what is available through the graphical user interface. Access the world-renowned GEARWorks CD and DVD recording engine directly through GEAR PRO!
  • Supports all CD and DVD drives and recorders (burners) on the market today, through any drive interface.
  • Runs on Windows 7/Windows Vista/XP/2000.
  • GEAR's recording engine is installed and running reliably on millions of PCs around the world.
  • GEAR's updated drivers and device configuration files are always available for free download.
  • GEAR's support staff is always available to help you through our Support Forums, or directly by e-mail.

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