Lastpass 1.62.0 for Firefox

Lastpass 1.62.0 for Firefox

Lastpass is a freeware password manager that will surely make your browsing a lot easier and much more secure.

Here are some key features of "lastpass":
  • Generate strong passwords, knowing you'll only have to remember one.
  • Log into your favorite websites with just one click
  • Access and manage your important data from multiple workstations seamlessly
  • Share logins with your friends and let others share logins with you

What's New in This Release:
  • Multi-factor authentication for free all accounts: LastPass Grid. LastPass believes all users deserve the security of multi-factor.
  • LastPass has a new website.
  • More multi-factor control -- you can specify that a particular computer does not need to be reprompted for your multifactor device -- be it Grid, Sesame, or Yubikey
  • LastPass now respects 'In Private' browsing mode in IE, Firefox and Safari and does not do any logging while in it. LastPass currently run in Chrome's private mode
  • The Chrome and Safari extensions have continued to improve -- Linux in Chrome is closing in on stable and Mac Chrome is right behind it. Hotkeys and copy username/password have been added to Chrome, multi-login notification bar for Safari. Group now has drop-down on both.
  • Google has once again disabled local database support for extensions, LastPass now notifies you this and tell you how to potentially resolve it
  • Chrome joins all other browsers with full offline support

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