Rizone's Power Tools

Rizone's Power Tools

Launch important and hidden Windows tools and utilities, repair and optimize.Like any computer technician, I love tools and utilities. I can spend weeks looking for and downloading tools I think I will need someday.Now and then when I have to do something specific, like repair aWindows component or speed up a Windows installation, I find that it’s cumbersome finding the perfect tool for the job.

I download something that looks good and or it does not work the way the developer intended or it is not compatible with the version ofWindows I’m using. Sometimes you even have to download several tools to achieve one result.

With thousands of tools and utilities on my hard disk, I had to do something about this. So, Rizone’s Power Tools was born. Rizone’s Power Tools is a complex yet easy-to-use utility suite.

It’s not your typical set of tool set. It features an extensive set of tools and more will be added in each new release. At the end you will be able to do almost anything with Rizone’sPower Tools (Unfortunately, it won’t make you coffee in the morning, but we are working on it).

With Rizone’s Power Tools, you can launch important and hidden Windows tools and utilities, repair, optimize, backup important files and tweak the Windows OS.

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