TheBat! Portable

TheBat! Portable

Easy and powerful program with multilingual interface, which has a number of opportunities to easily work with e-mail. It allows you to work with an unlimited number of mailboxes, supporting protocols IMAP4, POP3, APOP and SMTP, a custom filter system, text editor with formatting capabilities, message templates and "Quick templates", has a powerful system of sorting mail, allows you to check your spelling and make PGP encryption, and also has many other equally useful functions. Moreover, it is possibleto work with the letters directly to the server without downloading them to your computer, notebook, dial-up function and utility for viewing various image files.

Sorting messages
For example, if the managers of large companies need to expand the letters from customers to a different folder, it will be able to click. Ctrl + Shift + F and all the newcomers letters automatically fall into the specified folder. At the same time The Bat! can perform various support activities, such as a call to notify the arrival of new messages.

If a sales manager you want to personally send out price lists partners or promotional materials, it needs to advance a rapid template by clicking the «Ctrl + Shift + Q». Once they gather in the letter the name of the template and presses the «Ctrl + space», The Bat! immediately insert the text you want, attach the file and prepareletters to send.

Virtual Folders
Technical support team, going through archives to find all the correspondence to a specific recipient for a certain period. When using the built-in search engine by pressing "F7", The Bat! can optionally add a search result in the virtual folder for further work.

Spam Filter
Coming in the morning to work or home in the evening you have to spend time and nerves of processing junk mail - "spam". Setting supplied with The Bat! an add-on treatment of "spam» BayesIt!, The Bat! able to almost completely rid you of spam without the risk of losing any important messages from your correspondents.
The main innovation - option downsizing program to the taskbar when you click on the Close button (Menu Properties / Settings / Main). It is especially useful for those users who prefer to leave The Bat! work in the background.

High-level system of e-communication messages processing with intuitive interface and strong privacy protection. The Bat! mail client has a lot of vital benefits and useful features that make your email experience simple and convenient. All these features perfectly fit any Windows OS. Moreover, The Bat! is the first and only email client Certified for Windows Vista by Microsoft Corporation. "Certified for Vista" logo guarantees the highest level of compatibility between Vista and The Bat! mechanisms.

Protection of privacy
The Bat! 'S characteristic feature is the most widespread support of authentication protocols and of encryption while working with mail servers. The Bat! is one of the most protected mail clients, it is adopted by many companies for which privacy protection is a matter of life and death. The most recent versions of The Bat! have smart security buttons for eachmessage that help in making users' information really private.

Anti-virus defense
The other side of safety is protection against malicious codes. Unlike other email applications, The Bat! does not start scripts automatically. The Bat! benefits of its own HTML viewing mechanism - Robin HTML Viewer, as well as of its own image viewing module. These mechanisms protect you from viruses aimed at operatingsystem mechanisms vulnerability. Windows Vista users should know that The Bat! benefits of Windows Vista's Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for protecting the computer from viruses and malicious codes spread via email. The Bat! 4.0 and further versions are upgraded with a URL manager for background HTML image retrieval. This manager successfully fights malicious codes inserted into HTML images.

Smart Sorting Office
The Sorting Office is a powerful filtering system that not only sorts your incoming, outgoing, read, and replied messages to folders, but also can auto-respond; reply with a custom template; forward, redirect, print, or export messages; send reading confirmations; run an externalprogram and more. Once you spend a few minutes for setting sorting rules, you forget about drag-and-dropping messages from folder to folder. The Bat! sorting office is so sophisticated that you can even run the mailing list server with the full subscribe / unsubscribe functionality. More ...

Handy Message Templates
In addition to the signatures, The Bat! allows to create the message templates that are using special macros. Any mailbox, folder or entry in the Address Book can have a set of templates for the new message, reply or forward. These templates will greatly expedite the process of message composition, especially when the message has some standard or common text.

Information about the program:
  • Language: English + Russian
  • Developer: ritlabs.com
  • Released: 2009
  • Size (RAR): 11.7 MB
  • Information for vossstanovleniya: 2%
  • archive not zaparolen

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