Software - Max AnonySurf 1.9

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Software - Max AnonySurf 1.9

Max Secure Software has developed anonymizing software Max AnonySurf to protect the privacy and secure the identity by staying one step ahead of these online predators. Max AnonySurf hides your IP address so that online snoops are unable to track the sites you visit and build profiles on your Internet activities. Max AnonySurf also protects you from unintentionally visiting websites that are known to be phishing, pharming, or spyware sites.

Max AnonySurf is a personal anonymous proxy server and anonymizing software. Once you install on your own computer, it will allow you to surf the web with privacy. This local proxyserver includes a database with several anonymous public proxy servers located all over the world. The program is essential for those who value their privacy and who want to surf the web anonymously.

  • Max AnonySurf keeps your IP, or Internet address, unlisted so you can surf the Internet without being tracked and keep your online activities private.
  • Max AnonySurf is easy to use. Makes a snap for even novice users so you can start surfing anonymously with a single click of a button. Just install it and get started!
  • Automatic protection - Starts automatically when you turn on your PC and runs silently in the background without slowing down yourInternet connection for hassle-free security.
  • Max AnonySurf works by providing anonymous proxies between your computer and the Internet to shield you. Others cannot see which IP address you are using to surf. It even rotates proxy addresses so you do not show one IP address to outside world.
  • You can set the timer to rotate the proxy address when you are surfing.

ОS: Windows 7 (32bit), Vista (32bit), XP (32bit) and Windows 2000

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