Software - VMProtect Ultimate 2.03

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Software - VMProtect Ultimate 2.03

VMProtect is to protect next-generation software. Protected parts of code are executed on a virtual machine, which greatly complicates the analysis and breaking the protected program. Built-in disassembler and a MAP file will allow you to quickly select the necessary parts of code to protect against hacking.

Ultimate can provide maximum protection for your application. Supports work with serial numbers, black list, virtualization and mutation of the code, protection against debugging and more.

VMProtect helps protect the software from analysis and cracking. The basis of protection is the execution of program code sections in a virtual machine. Architecture of virtual machines is radically different from conventional processors, which renders meaningless most of the tools used by hackers.

VMProtect is a comprehensive solution for protecting software. In addition to the immediate protection package, VMProtect allows you to generate and check serial numbers, limiting their duration, to limit the period of free updates and much more.

Why VMProtect?
Here are five reasons to choose VMProtect to protect your software:
  • Virtualization package - is the next step in the field of software protection from analysis. Most security systems encrypt the executable code and decode it when you start the program. VMProtect never deciphered the code. In the process of protecting VMProtect translates program code into code that runs on a virtual processor. A set of commands that the processor does not like the command processor x86 or x64, and changes with each protection program.
  • Support all file formats - VMProtect allows you to protect executable files (EXE, SCR), dynamic library (DLL, OCX, BPL) and driver (SYS).
  • 64-bit platforms - VMProtect can protect both 32-bit and 64-bit executable files, libraries and drivers.
  • Support line Windows - protected files VMProtect, can run on all versions of Windows, from Windows 95.

It supports 32 and 64-bit operating systems, there is a problem with DEP and UAC.
Integrated solution for protection - VMProtect allows you to generate and check serial numbers. Rooms can be generated either manually or automatically (Web-generators). Serial numbers may be limited by the time of action, may limit the period of free updates that can be attached to the equipment. Also VMProtect can make physically impossible to execute code in the absence ofserial numbers.

Support for Compilers: Delphi, Borland C Builder, Visual C / C + +, Visual Basic (native), Virtual Pascal

Supported Formats (x32 and x64): EXE, DLL, BPL, OCX, SYS

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