Software - novaPDF Professional 7.0 Build 327

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Software - novaPDF Professional 7.0 Build 327

novaPDF - program to create PDF files from other data files. Due to the existing settings you can set the resolution of images, the relevant information, the degree of compression, security, profiles and other parameters. Supported work with files in the formats DOC, XLS, PPT, HTML, EML, TXT, and many others, it is possible to set a password to create the file, there is an option changes the page size and image resolution. Supports work with TrueType fonts and OpenType, supported by the methods of ZIP compression and JPEG, etc.

novaPDF Professional 7.0 Build 327

Key Features:
  • Universality. Converts to PDF any type of printable documents (DOC, XLS, PPT, EML, HTML, TXT, PUB, ...) into searchable PDF files.
  • PDF Security. PDF files can be password protected to control whether the PDF can be viewed, printed, modified, copied or annotated. 40-bit and 128-bit encryption levels aresupported. For example, you can protect the PDF so that readers cannot copy the text from it.
  • PDF bookmarks. Detects headings in the original document and adds corresponding bookmarks in the generated PDF file.
  • Merge PDF files. You can append or insert the content of the document being converted, to an existing PDF file.
  • Shared network PDF printer. nova PDF Server can be installed on one computer in a network environment, and used by any computer in that network (supports also Terminal Servers and Remote Desktop Connections).
  • PDF Overlay. This allows adding the content of the document currently being printed via novaPDF as the background or foreground of an existing PDF file, with options to customize the position of that added content.
  • PDF Watermark. Using this PDF creator you can stamp a PDF with custom text or an image and apply transparency, rotation, opacity, color variation or other effects.
  • Stand alone. Does not require GhostScript or other 3rd party software to create PDF files so you can make PDF files right after you have novaPDF installed.
  • PDF links support. Any visible text that starts with "http://", "www", "mailto:", "ftp://" or "file: / /" in your original document can be converted to clickable active PDF links if you choose so.
  • Document information. Possibility to set the title, subject, author, keywords for the PDF.
  • Support for TrueType and OpenType fonts. To ensure portability you can embed fonts in the PDF file.
  • Private profiles. Define profiles for future use, each with its own settings for page size, resolution, fonts, compression, document info and save settings.
  • Public profiles. These profiles are created on the PDF server computer and are automatically propagated to all client computers.
  • Import / Export profiles. The printing profiles can be exported or imported into different installations, so that you can easily transfer them from one computer to another.
  • Multi-language support. The user interface is translated in more than 20 languages.
  • Send PDF via email. Can be configured to send the generated PDF automatically via email.
  • Reduce PDF file size. This PDF creator supports text and image compression, conversion and image downsampling.
  • After save actions. Custom actions can be defined to be performed after the PDF was successfully generated, such as opening (or not) the PDF file with the default viewer once it's created, or running a custom application with given parameters.

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February 15, 2010 at 1:06 AM

mampir sore...sekalian coba download

  Natha Lia

February 15, 2010 at 1:51 AM

@ RifkyMedia™ : wah...sering2 mampir ya......banyak lho softwarenya......makasih yaaa....


February 15, 2010 at 5:05 AM

MAlem Sob........wah klo yang ini gw belum pernah pake Sob....baguz ga nie Sob???

Izin Download dah Sob mau Nyoba hhe....Thnx b4...

  Natha Lia

February 16, 2010 at 7:23 PM

@ Ferdinand : duch sorry kelamaan balesnya....kalo bagusnya harus dicoba dulu dech.....some people use this...but i'm not.....

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