Software - Shadow Defender v1.1.0.321 32 64

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Software - Shadow Defender v1.1.0.321 32 64

Shadow Defender - this is a new analogue of the program, such ShadowUser and Disk Write Copy, which allows to put the system into standby shadow - Shadow mode, where you did not threaten to remove any sensitive information, or attack the most virulent virus in the world!This utility is well-served to protect the computer and privacy. Prevents unauthorized and malicious changes to your computer, allows you to boot into a virtualshadow mode with selective preservation of data, easy to use.Shadow Defender provides a virtual image of the hard disk, which you and continue their work. Attacks of worms, download spyware, remove your favorite photos, etc. .. All will be returned back after the next restart.A convenient point is the fact that the transition mode inShadow Shadow Defender - does not require a reboot sistemy.Est and some simply useful improvements, such as import / export the list of exceptions to / from a file.Very convenient programma.Odnoy button enables virtual mode settings, and you can do with a system that your soul pozhelaet.Otrabotal - rebooted the machine and everything returned to square one. Novice users and people systematically testing programs, thisprogram an irreplaceable assistant and friend.

Where is it?
  • Internet cafes can successfully use this technology: for each new client operating system will look clean as a newborn.
  • Training Centers: Again, after each laboratory work can easily restore the initial configuration - for this, simply reboot.
  • Public libraries - will now be always without viruses.

What's New:
  • Fix: "There Is No Disk in the Drive ..." Error Message When You Start Your Computer.
  • Year: 2010
  • Interface Language: Russian
  • Platform / OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven h32h64
  • Tablet: there is (it may swear anti-virus software).

File size: 5.06 MB

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