Software - Lunascape Web Browser 6.0.3 ORION Portable

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Software - Lunascape Web Browser 6.0.3 ORION Portable

Lunascape Web Browser - is the first and only Web browser with a triple engine Gecko (used in Firefox), Trident (used in Internet Explorer) and WebKit (used in Safari and Chrome).

Your browser Lunascape realized:
  • Ability to quickly switch between the three available engines
  • Choice of engine: when you open a Web site, you can specify with - through any of the three engines should open it
  • The possibility of adopting a particular page of a particular engine
  • Recommendations for the use of the engine, more suitable for displaying a Web page
  • The ability to compare maps and the behavior of web pages with different rendering technology
  • Multivkladochnost
  • Protection from crashes and failures (in the case of an error on any web page, close only one tab, not the entire browser)
  • The ability to import settings, Internet Explorer (Firefox extensions are not supported)
  • Support for RSS-streams and podcasts
  • Support for special mouse movements (gestures) to facilitate navigation
  • Autosave input in web forms data
  • A library of plug-ins
  • A library of visual themes (skins)
  • Save screenshot web page format. Png (as a visible part of the web pages and web pages all)
  • A lot of other tools to facilitate Web surfing.
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